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Connecting devices and systems
to bring new value to any business.

As an IoT specialist, Ecomott supports our users
with both solutions and connectivity.


Ecomott’s Areas of Expertise

As a dedicated vendor of IoT and M2M solutions, Ecomott provides a variety of connectivity-driven technologies capable of solving real-world issues in a wide variety of industries.

Network Design& Architecture

Ecomott has the proven ability to handle the inherent constraints of IoT and M2M architecture, such as communication cost and security, while we design, develop, and operate successful networks. Specialized knowledge stemming from our many years of experience in the field allows Ecomott to combine a variety of network devices and services, providing optimized wireless network infrastructures to support IoT and M2M solutions.

Cloud Application Design& Development

The applications behind Ecomott’s IoT solutions are all planned, designed, and developed in-house. As both users and developers of our own solutions, we have established a keen sense for usability and a focus on resolving user issues throughout the development of IoT/M2M applications.

Planning & Proposal

So you’ve decided to use IoT/M2M for your business -- now what should you consider first? What will provide the optimal solution as you unify IoT and M2M into your in-house business model? With experience in IoT/M2M fields spanning eight years, we can offer intelligent, worry-free solutions tailored to each customer’s needs.

System Integration

Whether you are working with systems already in production, or building a new IoT/M2M system to work with existing devices, Ecomott can guide you through the optimal integration framework, maintaining security and connectivity during every step from device selection to delivery. Of course, we offer the same quality for completely new designs.

Device Design & Development

Ecomott has expertise in design and development of devices with embedded wireless communication modules. In most cases within the IoT/M2M field, the implemented devices are inseparably linked to the sensors and network to be connected, or to the specific solution or business scheme to be used. Ecomott can provide a number of choices to allow you to control costs throughout your business, for example by updating the hardware or firmware of existing devices.

Assembly Production

Ecomott comprehensively covers all the stages of deployment, from installing devices and modules into control panels, to assembly of outdoor-capable sensing systems, electrical construction, device installation, and on to final product assembly and configuration.


Trading Name
Ecomott Inc.
Takuya Irisawa, Representative Director
Akihito Naitou
Hiroyuki Hosokawa
Kensuke Takeda
Yukio Uemura
Ayako Murakami
February 19th 2007
617,870,000 yen(as of the end of August 2023)
7th Floor Caress Sapporo Building
2-5 Kita 1-jo Higashi 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Postal Code 060-0031
Number of Employees
159(as of the end of October 2023, including temporary employees)
Business Area
IoT (Internet of Things) solutions driven by wireless sensing and cloud applications
FASTIO -IoT Platform Solution
Yurimott - Snow-Melting System Remote Supervision Solution
Gembaroid- Computerized Construction Work Support Solution
Pdrive - Traffic Accident Avoidance Solution