Limitless solutions
driven by the Internet of Things

Snow Melting Remote Supervision Solution“Yurimott”

The Yurimott system significantly cuts snow melting costs, by employing remote cameras to observe sites and optimize the operation of installed snow melting equipment. With over 1,100 systems now in place, Yurimott has been highly acclaimed by clients in some of Japan’s snowiest regions.

Computerized Construction Support Solution“Gembaroid”

Gembaroid systems employ a suite of outdoor-capable sensor equipment packages installed at construction sites, improving both productivity and safety by allowing management offices to keep records, perform visual inspections, provide site workers with alerts, and much more. Compatible with the NETIS (New Technology Information System, operated by Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport & Tourism), Gembaroid also benefits technology proposals and evaluation of construction performance.

IoT Platform Solution“FASTIO”

FASTIO is an overall connectivity platform solution which can provide IoT/M2M capability to existing facilities or systems. Easy to implement, rich in powerful features, and highly versatile, FASTIO is capable of streamlining nearly any style of business.

Traffic Accident Avoidance Solution“Pdrive”

Pdrive is a next-generation GPS-based vehicle operation management solution which provides constant awareness of operation conditions through an internet connection. Managers can easily ascertain vehicle locations and status. G sensor data allows managers to evaluate driving safety, and the drive recorder features a 30 second pre-buffer which can provide footage of an incident to the authorities or insurance companies.

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